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Search Engine Marketing Article:

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How to rank #1 in the search engines, and why it is important.

The following is a set of steps of exactly how to get your website listed number 1 in the search engines. But first of all -- why is it important to be ranked highly? Because many people use search engines to find what they want, in fact google boasts that millions of people a day use their search engine.

someone finds your website through a 'naturally occuring' search engine link, they feel it 'must' be 'good', because the search engine is impartial/only chooses the best sites. And if your link came first, it must be one of the best/most reliable/etc, which means they are much more likely to make a purchase, as opposed to clicking on one of those "paid advertisements".

Now, about the key info for search engine optimization.

1. Title Tags:

Make all the title tags in your webpages have some kind of meaningful title/keyword rich title, but vary the words. I.e., if your website was about cars, and you wanted to target the 'car' keyword, you would have something like "Sports cars, the car of your dreams, fast cars, a car built for speed". If all you had was "Car car car car car", the search engine would mark that as spam, and the likelihood of you being ranked would be small (i.e., google).

2. Document Tags:

Some search engines still place importance on 'meta' tags, i.e., "meta keywords", "meta description", etc, etc. Do exactly the same when creating these tags as in #1. I.e., for meta keywords, something like "sports cars,cool cars,fast cars". For the description tag, similar to #1.

3. 'Definition Pages'.

Search engines (i.e., google) place importance on the text within an outgoing link, as well as the content of that page (in fact, that is one way people do something called 'googlebombing', which means they get a webpage ranked #1 for a particular keyword phrase). Say your website was about cars. Instead of making "Click Here" a hyperlink for more information about cars, change it to something like "Click this car information link". Then, in the page that it links to, make sure you have lots of phrases with the word "car".

4. URL Paths, Document Names, Domain Names, etc.

Search engines still place great importance on what words are contained in the path name, partially because still not everyone does it. So for example, if you had a page about cars, instead of having it something like "", you should make it like "". In the first site, search engines can't find anything to match a keyword to. In the second example, search engines might find your site based on "corvette", "sports car", "sports cars", etc, because you have the *keywords* in the URL path.

5. Keyword Blogging:

Basically, in recent months, web logs (also known as "blogs" for short), have become really popular. They started out as being online diaries, and to many peoples surprise, these pages were ranked very highly. How does it help you? Well, by creating lots of text, it is 'search engine food', that makes certain keyword phrases match your website. So, by having lots of text, you get more keyword matches, more keyword matches equals more visitors, and more visitors means more sales for you!

6. Doorway Pages:

Some people have said doorway pages are "bad bad bad". If used incorrectly -- yes. They can get you banned from search engines if you are found to be using them. Likelihood of being banned? Very unlikely, unless you are a high profile site (and a user 'stumbles' upon your doorway page), or if you design them incorrectly. A "doorway page" is a webpage with two different types of content. The first type is only seen by the search engine, while the second is what the user sees. To design one correctly, you basically have to check for IP addresses (i.e., "" addresses) as opposed to 'regular' addresses.
If it is a 'googlebot' address, then you provide the keyword rich content to google. Otherwise, provide the 'regular' content to a user. Now like I said, you need to be careful, because if a user tells google (i.e., they look at the 'cached' version google has, and notices it doesn't match your content), then you *could* get banned. But again -- unless you are a high profile site, unlikely. Or simply design your doorway page carefully -- i.e., don't make it look like spam, but make it look like an 'article'. So even if a user does see the 'cached'
content is different, no big deal.

7. 'Interlinking' Websites

Strongly, strongly, did I say 'strongly'?, recommend having several different websites, all linked together. Nowadays, hosting is extremely cheap (can get commercial hosting for as low as $5/month), plus domain registration is extremely inexpensive (again, can get domains registered for $10/year). When you 'interlink' your websites -- (a) they are all your products, and (b) -- search engines rank you higher because it appears you have good 'link popularity'. So do this. Highly recommended. I have personally seen several individuals (not even companies) employ this strategy with around 50, and they make around $10,000/month. So for a cost of $50x$10/each=$500/month, they 'net' $9,500. Not bad for a months work :)

Using these strategies can greatly help you achieve your marketing and sales goals! :) Best of luck!

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